Design Optimization

In a maturing industry, one can only maintain a competitive advantage by having reliable and robust products. With Black Belt competences in design for Six Sigma, we are ready to provide the right support.

We help our clients in identifying the needs of their customers to determine the key metrics that the product or the solution shall meet.

Identifying potential new concepts is the next step in the design process. Different approaches can be taken, ranging from incremental design improvements to methods to seek out novel concepts.

Seeking "Robustness" means that we seek to make the solution insensitive to factors causing variance at the lowest cost. This could be factors such as climatic variations or manufacturing processes. Depending on the solution different methods from the Six Sigma toolbox can be used to obtain maximum robustness.

Reliable solutions are imperative for establishing a sustainable competitive advantage. Using structured approaches such as D-FMEA and fault tree analysis, we support our clients in identifying the level of reliability of the solutions, and just as important to identify risk mitigating actions to improve the reliability early in the design process.

Verification and validation are the final steps in our support during design optimization. Verification shall ensure compliance to the internal requirements for reliability and performance, and the validation shall seek to establish that the spoken and unspoken customer requirements are met.
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