Technical Due Diligence in the wind turbine industry

Review of technical solutions and concepts is essential for establishing the future strategy of a company. The two major areas that must be assessed are the benefits that the technology brings to the customer and the risk involved in getting the technology to the market at the targeted life cycle costs.
Reviewing the benefit that a sub supplier's product brings to the OEM requires a thorough understanding of the system in which the product shall be implemented. For wind turbines and wind power solutions the key point is to have the understanding of the complete value chain in order to assess the customer's or investor's return of investment. We have this knowledge.
Establishing the potential risks involves evaluating the probabilities and consequences of potential issues. In order to minimize our customer's risk, we combine experience with a systematic analytical approach.
We have participated in and coordinated the execution of technical reviews and due diligences. Contact us, and we will set the right team, confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed. 
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